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Homage Section-RO

To show our gratitude for your visit to our site and for your dedication to the mint rubbing movement, we're throwing an offer no one can beat. Read below to find out how the association can help improve your rubbing techniques.

So, here it is: we're giving you free membership to the Romanian Mint Rubbing Association just for visiting this site! That's right, you heard us: it's free and there's no catch. You don't have to register, you don't have to click on anything, you don't have to view annoying pop-up windows and, most important, you don't have to pay for it! Click here to download and print your membership diploma.

With free membership you get unlimited access to all resources on the mintrubbing.org site. And there's more: since you're now an official member and a valued visitor, you also get a chance to subscribe for free to the critically acclaimed Mint Rubbing Journal (details in the "Publications" page). You also get free unlimited online mint rubbing (details in the "Rub Mint Online" page) as well as free technical support (by clicking the "Contact us" link).

You have now joined a community of hundreds of millions of mint rubbers covering all continents. Congratulations!

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