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Homage Section-RO

Mintrubbing.org has attracted the attention of tens of millions worlwide. It is our most distinct pleasure to present to you some of the best messages we have received by email since the site's launch:

"I would like to congratulate you on the amazingly built website and on the volume of information about mint rubbing activities. Finding your website was the best thing that happened to me today and I promise I will spread the news around the neighborhood. You guys have done something great to keep people in a great mood at work and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more journals in the future. I know it wasn't a massage on a wooden foot (masaj la picior de lemn) to create this website but I'm glad you did it." (cosmin)

"Long age practitioner of mint rubbing, I was so unaware of this association. I cry of joy to have found this community where i may mint rub in peace and delight to reach "Mint-Vanna" the higher esoteric state of this honorable tradition. May the "Mint Leaf" be with you." (eduard)

"I sit here barely able to type for the tears of laughter having discovered the Rumaian Mint Rubbing Association. I've trawled this superb blog for 2 hours now and had several guffawing attacks, but the RMA just tickled me in a particular way. Kepe providing these wonderful feeds of mirth."

"Am descoperit in acest site, istoria milionara a poporului roman. Desi ani lungi de viata nu mi-am dat seama ce mirosea cand frecam, acum m-am luminat; rog respectuos pa aceasta cale sa fiu primit in randul Respectabilei Dumneavoastre Asociatii, ca membru donatorf, fondator, sau ca simplu frecator de ment." (eugen)

"Dear Sir, Greetings from Romania! I've just found out about your efforts to get this ancient and wonderfull ancient Romanian art of "mint rubbing" known all over the world. I consider it one of the most intriguing and most pleasant arts in the world. It is a pitty that it is not (yet!) an Olimpic contest! I wish you more and more visitors and, with the help of others, to raize this art to the perfection." (claudiu)

"Categorically, indubitably, unquestionably the only reason to turn on one's computer in the morning. Congratulations. I hope your job keeps you in enough comfort to continue this effort long into the future." (will)

"First of all let me repeat the words of thousands by saying that you do a great job, and you really know what you're doing. The experience i've had browsing your site has really enlightened my whole life, while doing little to change it, as I could recon myself in that page so very much. Yes, I was a mint rubber for all my life, but without a system, without determination and without organizing the whole effort. You are truly the leaders of masses." (ovidiu)

"Excellent. Still, foreigners have a hard time (next to impossible) understanding this highly complex and culturally-biased concept of mint rubbing. Which means your efforts are all the more valuable! Felicitari J".

"Hello dear RMRA! Your site has been an inspiration to me and a guide in all things concerning life, love and stuff in general for the past two years. Thank you very much for everything and I hope you keep it up for as long as possible. I`d also like to receive one of your complementary RMRA stickers, so that I may share this wonderful way of life with the ones around me. "

"In primul rand trebuie sa felicit cercetatorii de frecat menta, atat de greu incercati dealungul vremii, dar care au ramas dedicati scopului nobil - frecarea mentei la nivel global. Eu personal practic "trasul matei de coada" si "facutul ca ploua" dar si alte tehnici avangardiste cum ar fi "uitatul pe pereti", "trasul de timp" si "lalaitul", unele la nivel profesionist.Ma inchin cu gratie si cer sa fiu primita in marea familie a frecatorilor de menta. Va salut si va felicit inca o data pentru frecatul mentei intens pe care l-ati dus pentru a da publicului asa un site memorabil cum e mintrubbing.org "

"Marturisesc spasit ca valurile vietii m-au purtat intr-o fundamental directie gresita: am apucat pe calea nesabuita si scarbavnica a muncii cinstite, lucru care reprezinta nu numai o eroare logica de neiertat, dar si (mai ales in Romania) un atentat la propria securitate. Aracan di mini! Dar sa nu crezi ca la fel sunt si toti ceilalti din jurul meu. Multi dintre ei pot fi caracterizati drept demni reprezentanti ai luptei neostoite de veacuri pentru victoria cauzei noastre (spun "noastre" pentru ca, in adancul inimii si in ciuda realitatii de zi cu zi, ma simt ca fiind si eu un cauzas). Clipa de clipa ii vad neatarnand stindardul care ne poarta in lupta si luptand pentru VICTORIE pana la ultimul fum de tigara si la ultimul cuvant spus taraganat.

Insa in ultima vreme am realizat ca, in realitate, am fost tot timpul cu sufletul alaturi de voi. De aceea, solicit primirea mea neintarziata in asociatie. Primesc smerit ca, daca vei considera necesar, sa mi se impuna o perioada de penitenta in care sa fiu cercetat cu scrupulozitate pentru a se determina daca intr-adevar am luat-o pe calea cea dreapta sau daca nu cumva, naravit cum sunt, nu o voi apuca din nou pe calea dezmatului muncitoresc.
Cer ingaduinta din partea ta, Invatatorule, caci multa vreme am haladuit pe meleaguri straine si usor pot rataci drumul spre CASA." (Sorin)

"You, guys, are amazing!!!! I laughed with my colleagues in the office for one hour straight. They needed some intertextual references here and there, but my presence in this office kind of got them used to Romanian humour. Keep up the mintrubbing job and let me know if I may assist you in any way. Va pup pe obrajori" (diana)

"As dori sa intru si eu in respectabila dumneavoastra organizatie si sa primesc publicatii lunare despre cele mai eficiente metode de FRECAT MENTA deoarece a freca menta este singurul lucru pe care stiu sa il fac, doresc sa excelez in acest domeniu. Visul meu este sa frec menta cum nici un om nu a mai frecat-o pana acum!" (victor)

"felicitarile mele pentru grandioasa idee de a face cunoscuta adevarata cultura romana si adevaratul spirit latin in intreaga lume." (andrei)

"In sfirsit existenta mea efemera capata un oareshcare sens acum, se pare ca nu am mentuit-o de pomana toti acesti ani, care va sa zica eram mai multi. Brusc, simt ca fac parte dintr-o mare, mare familie si am un alt feeling." (paul)

"This is an amazing site for people who like to enhance their working abilities and improve their inter-personal communication skills. Thank you!" (corina)

"RMRA e cel mai genial lucru din istoria netului romanesc" (sergiu)

"Thanks for your Nokia Snake doc! Awesome! I am not alone!" (andy)

"I am still learning mint rubbing techniques but I am thrilled to have found RMRA site. It's so inspirational! And I hope ... some day (when I grow up, perhaps) I will master the technique...I believe that membership in RMRA (is it possible? because I want membership diploma with my name on it) will help me better understand Romanian culture. It has some similarities with Croatian culture, we have great potential for Mint Rubbing, we have lot of people practicing it without even acknowledging that they are infact angaged in mint rubbing."(Gordana, Croatia)

"Sirs, You have changed my life. In my 47 years on this planet, I have searched for true enlightenment. Rejected as a child, I grew into an unruly teenager, toyed with hard drugs, snorting Harpic and once mainlining Jeyes Fluid. I tried religion, converting from Church of England to Judaism, the circumcision hurt, but I failed to find a true meaning to my life on this planet. Shiatsu, Feng Sui even the ancient Welsh art of Llap Gogh failed to help me find my way and then today I discovered the RMA and immediately saw my future was there between my fingers. Initial mint rubbing was a disappointment, because I had not truly grasped the gospel you preach on the web site and so I learned that a jar of mint sauce will never live up to the texture and trued rewards that can only be harvested from real mint. Your web site has also given me a wonderful idea for assisting the meditational efforts of the RMA student, the mint scented candle, a design for which I shall be working on tomorrow. Thank you for changing my life." (Keith)

"Ma numesc Prabuseanu Damigean (cunoscut si sub numele de Bibi Jupanu), si detin postul de sef de sectie la FIM Carbunesti. Cu ceva timp in urma am descoperit site-ul si organizatia dumneavoastra. De atunci, ocazional am vizitat site-ul fiind fascinat de conceptul de Mint Rubbing, o ocupatie pe care am practicat-o cu deosebit profesionalism chiar dinainte de a afla despre organizatia dumneavoastra." (bibi jupanu)

"de unde mama masii aveti atatea idei??? ideea e geniala, si reflecta realitatea, da' imaginatia depaseste orice limite constitutionale..." (nimeni).

"jeepers, this is a dream come true. now i feel like i really did something with my poor excuse of a life. mint rubber all the way. **chin up, arm stretched forward, mint salute**" (iso)

"Just wanted to say you're the greatest ! Since I've discovered RMRA I can do nothing else ... except of mint rubbing - of course. I also wanted to suggest another way of mint rubbing which is very useful at work ( especially if nobody can see your computer screen ) - playing Solitaire or Spider Solitaire. What do you think ?" (Alexandra)

"and, i don't want to sound redundant since all your (non romanian) letters have already noted that, but as i mentioned in grow-a-brain the first time when i found your site (is it already 2 or 3 months ago?), yours is the absolute coolest / funnest site, and obviously i wouldn't use any other operating system for mint rubbing if my life depended on it..." (Hanan)

"pentru o viitoare editie a lui Mint Rubbing Journal, va propun urmatorul exemplu de intelepciune populara: "luni nici iarba nu creste". Dupa indelungi cautari de vreo 5 minute am ajuns la concluzia ca subiectul nu a mai fost tratat intr-o maniera stiintifica, asa cum merita, desi e mult mai graitor decat englezescul blue monday." (Radu)

"RMRA is one of the best things that happened to Romania" (Alex)

"Hi. Last night I stumbled across mintrubbing.org and I have to say that it was probably the funniest, cleverist thing I have seen in years! Also, I read with great interest the essay about living in America. I'm a 23 year old American living in Eugene, Oregon; last year I spent three months working in Romania, and I will probably return again this year for a few months. It's my opinion that the writer's assessment of American life was really right...especially about the excess of rules! Anyway, I was just wondering who makes this website and how it all got started. You guys deserve a cult following; consider me a convert!" (Nicole)

"Your work in raising consciousness in wich concerns rubbing on global scale is a true blessing to the so little known country called Romania." (Adrian)

"Thanks for keeping in touch and for the crucial info you guys offer about this important issue of Romanian life: mint rubbing! Btw: azi, la ora de engleza (no ifacem cu o profa din Liverpool, UK care a venit anul asta) i-am zis ca trebuie s-o invatam despre un obicei romanesc: mint rubbing. "And what do you do?" a intrebat ea. I-am raspuns scurt: "nothing, you just sit and do nothing". Mi-a placut ca s-a prins repede shi ne-a zis ca a vazut prin pietzele din Bucuresti oameni practicand asta. Mint rubbing rulZ." (Stefan)

"While my life gets better everyday, I can't help but share my experience with others: I just switched from coffee to mint brew and I love it. Drink mint tea and read the journal! Let mint into your life!" (adrian)

"hey there, rubbing the mint is surely one of the most worth thing doing ever! I had almost forgot that but from now on I will be rubbing and rubbing! Whoever is responsible for this thing called MINTRUBBING rigged the whole thing from the start. Life's a mad rush headtrip, and we gonna wake up in the afterworld with one mean hangover. Naked, next to someone we don't recognize "Fuuughhh...wha'happened" It's all about MINTRUBBING you guys!" (diana)

"dear sir. HELLOO! i've been waiting fur such an site 4 all my life! since i have diplomas in mint rubbing and gas burning (and other forms of this beautiful art) i would like to subscribe to your journal... respectfully yours, o, master,baazalung"

"Hei. Mersi mult fratilor, abia astept sa va primesc mailurile. Site-ul vostru m-a tinut in viata in tarile calde." (lucian)

"Dear President of the RMRA, First of all CONGRATULATIONS on the web site. It is truly a very nice and funny one!!! We are here a group of professional mint rubbers that until now, indeed, have not realised that there are actually world-wide organisations for people like us. We enjoyed very much visiting your site and will recommend it to our friends. Our mint-rubbing skills have gone so high up after visiting your site, that we can now be called mint-rubbing gurus. Best wishes, A group of MR researchers."

"I'd just like to tell you how much we liked your RMRA website! We are a few mint-rubbing romanian computer programmers (I guesss I could say that we are code rubbing) here in [...], and we all enjoyed the site very much. The tricky part is that we are also paid for mint rubbing! We were just mint rubbing here at work, when we got the link to your page from a friend. We got together for a short collective mint rubbing, you know, just to discuss the issues on the RMRA website. I hope you are aware that (maybe in a involluntary manner) your website makes romanians rub some more mint, just like we did today! And that's great! We need support for mint rubbing, because here in [...] people tend to forget about their old romanian habits! Of course we forwarded the link back in Romania to our friends, and also to our friends abroad."

"Thanks for this 15 minutes (or so) of mint rubbing on your site. I had one of my best evenings in the last couple of months."

"You really should try to create a very large organization and then create PFM (Parditul Frecarii Mentii) and go for elections. You never know what Romanians will do."

"bestial, inteligent, spiritual... am dat URL-ul unor nemti si austrieci, sa invete si ei cum se freaca menta eficient:-) "

"ba , santeti de belea! :))) da-ti-ii drumu'nainte!"

"THAT'S cool, sad and TRUE. Keep it going and growing. I suppoze mint is for romanians sort of a replacement for marijuana, isn't it?"

"Excelent si plin de seva. Seva de menta, bineinteles. "

"Finally, someone that truly understands the utmost importance of proper mint-rubbing! This is one of the happiest days of my life, the day I discovered your website. Now that I know, I feel a new impulse of honing my mint-rubbing skills, hoping I could share thoughts and feelings about our way of life with fellow mint-rubbers."

"Congratulations! Pretty smart site, the RMRA, by far. Sometimes, please consider me as a new member of your association. "

"I saw your site and read about the mint rubbing customs you show there. It truly is amazing! I practiced this pleasant and effortless way of doing things myself some time ago, even without knowing what I was actually doing. Unfortunately, times change and people change. Anyway, in my experience, it seems that other peoples have similar customs, especially in the Balcanian and generally in the post-communist countries. The difference is in the people's awareness of this custom, making them - more or less - realize what they are missing."

"I was just so disappointed about the news coming from my old country, when suddenly, this amazing site pops-up, smelling fresh mint, and full of traditional Romanian wit or i should rather call it "makes fun out of strife" (face haz de necaz). It's amazing ! Truly refreshing! Extraordinary! And the best of all, I can be applied here too! How many thousands of Canadian government workers are rubbing mint without knowing it! Or trade-unionists, academics, Canda Post or other large corporation employees ? Can you imagine the impact when they will realize what are they actually doing is rubbing mint? And join the association? And improve their skills, becoming professional mint rubbers!"

"Wow... until now i was really frustrated but now that i see that there are others like me it's a real relief. "

"I wanna be a part of it ! I want my life changed ! God bless you!"

"Life should be lived truthfully and saying things by their names. I want my excellent skills in rubbing the mint to be acknowledged, respected and appreciated as the single outstanding value of the individual in our society. I don't want to hide anymore, I don't want to pretend I am doing other things when the only lasting activity is, and will always be, mint-rubbing. "

"Dear rubbers, really surprised to find some secret fellows already joined into an association. I thought I was alone into this and started to feel sad and guilty, mostly because I have two little kids to feed at home. That's a real challenge: to manage to keep your family in good spirits and shape and still rubbing the mint. But that's my secret I am not going to reveal it so easy. It took me tons of mint leaves rubbed between my fingers to discover how to do it."

"We've been practiced this for a long time, but we didn't know how to name it. Thanks guys, you finally showed us where are we on the map. You gave us a meaning. We don't live in the darkness anymore. We fell like discovering the wheel. It's a lifetime ideea."

"sunteti de coma! criminala ideea site-ului! bravo!"

"Ideea unui suport moral al tuturor celor care trudesc din greu pe ogoarele pline de menta este super. Acest obicei este insasi esenta folclorului nostru. De ce credeti voi ca au votat oamenii cu V****? Ce vreti, sa vina imperialistii si cei din UE sa ne cumpere productia de menta? Ce mai frecam noi atunci? Vreti sa moara identitatea nationala? Si unde nu mai pui ca frecatul mentei nu polueaza, ci dimpotriva... Si chiar daca ar veni imperialistii si ar face guma de mestecat din toata menta noastra, am trece la activitati tangente, cum a "freca" buha, ca sa iasa copii cu pene si cu ochii mari. Mai bine asa decat in somaj tehnic. Dar macar daca am valorifica clorofila rezultata din frecatul mentei. Poate am mai aduna ceva la PIB, ca sa aiba i****** ce sa spuna la focsani data viitoare."

"I just shit on myself laughing (from the Romanian "m-am cacat pe mine de ris"). Buna de tot... Habar nu aveam de acest "amazing and useful Web site". Este intr-adevar un conglomerat de informatie foarte util, mai ales pentru strainii care nu stiu si nu au aflat inca de "spritul si tipul muncitorului Roman". Ar trebui popularizat acest URL mult mai mult si mai virtos, ca sa ducem faima in lume... ca noi o stim deja. Eu asta promit sa fac! Doamne Ajuta!.

"For years we have been watching green horses on the walls, until you guys came along. Now everything is changed. We really feel we are doing something now. It is a highly demading activity that offers incredible satisfaction. Thank you!"

"Thanks God! Right in the moment when I deicided to start studying, I found your site... What I was saying? Yes, thanks God I'm not alone anymore."

"Site-ul vostru e periculos, incitant, aduce intr-un puti.. lam-lem, lam-lem, tam, tam, final apoteotic, laurii. Nu-i chiar asa mai baieti. Problema e insasi problema. Problema noastra e ca am fost atat de entuziasmati de site-ul vostru incat nu ne-am marginit doar la atata. Am inceput sa ne agitam. Am incercat sa intelegem. Am inceput sa povestim. Am inceput sa credem. Am inceput sa speram. Si asta nu e bine. Sper sa ne intelegeti si in cel mai scurt timp sa scoateti site-ul vostru de pe net. Nu pentru ca va devanseaza concurenta, ci pentru ca se freaca menta si fara ca voi sa ne spuneti asta. De fapt am incetat sa frec menta in momentu' cand am inceput sa scriu acest mail. Si asta nu-i bini. Ma duc pana in camera (si asta-i la parter, intr-un camin de 5 etaje, de unde intamplator va scriu chiar de la 5) sa vad daca n-am uitat frigideru' in priza. Asta desi nu-mi amintesc sa fi avut vreodata unul."

"Well, what can i say... is excelent! More than that, is great! I`ve never rub mint with such a pleasure till now. It`s FUNtastic! Thank You!"

"Keep up the good work! Many people in the world don't realize how important the 'mint rubbing' is for us, Romanians. In fact this what kept us together!!"


"guys e funny! credeam ca a murit umorul dupa dec '89. keep going"

"Happy Mint Rubbing - am infectat tot biroul:) cu site-ul asta... toata lumea freaca menta interactiv si ride in hohote... asa ca/ punct ochit, punctlovit... By the way - si scrisul de e-mailuri poate fi un placut si social mod de a freca menta..."

"Guys, you really put me on the back! (m-ati dat spate) You are of great exception (de mare exceptie), your innovative mint rubbing techniques changed my whole life. I'm a new man now, a brand new, proud romanian citizen, and all that thanx to you! Mint rubbing is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we all have to admit that. What my dick!... (ce p**a mea!...). My opinion! (parerea mea!) I hope i didnt make myself of grocery (ca nu m-am facut de bacanie) writing you this letter. Keep it goin', boys, keep it goin'!"

"im so glad you didnt pass my message with the view (ca nu ati trecut cu vederea...). In a word, I'm impressed. You are really some friendly community, and that's good to know for mint rubbing fanatics like me. It's, to say so, the true meaning of the "hospitalite roumaine" concept. I really think yous should build an organized member community, with meeting spots, activism and stuff like that... I'll help, just count on my support! I will give my contest (imi voi da concursul) ... I recommend you www.robotfrank.com . Check it out, its worth!"

"You have made my days sunnier. I can't believe that you had the courage and, more important, the "staying power" to create and to maintain such a terrific site. The moment I entered your site I shouted in my mind: finally, I am not alone anymore someone has heard my crying. My situation is not different from the situations of other millions of young men in this god-blessed country of ours. I am a professional field kicker (from rom.: A bate campii) i.e. a lawyer. This is why I am always torn between my duty and my calling (mint rubbing). Before finding you I was afraid to show my true nature, now I am ready to out myself, yes, I AM a mint rubber. Your site is already full of wonderful thoughts about you, I only want to add my thanks for a well mastered self-ironic honorable escape from the mess in which we live in i.e. our beloved country. "

"iubiti co-frecatori de menta, sunt impresionata imen/intens de acest site. Raspunsurile la problemele vietii nu se gasesc la tv, ci pe acest site."

"site-ul e super! am sa mai rad cel putin o saptamana de azi inainte"

"I am not usually a mint rubber. I would rather spend my time cutting leaves for dogs or having wild sex with miss lazyness. But seeing your site has made me review my attitude. I am going to rub mint for ever and ever and ever. Thanx for rubbing!"

"Va aduc un prinos de recunostinta pe aceasta cale a imeilului (faptuire a diavolului imperialist). Traiasca muncitorimea romaneasca!

"Domnu' Foster, Am ris cu lacrimi la senzationalul pamflet care m-a facut sa retraiesc anii actiunilor "pionieresti". Sinteti cei mai tari, si va citesc intotdeauna cu o placere imensa. Voi continua "neabatut" sa va citesc si dupa ce voi ajunge in curind in Canada, ca proaspat emigrant. Am dat pamfletul mai departe, dupa principiul manifestelor comuniste, "Citeste si da-l mai departe"! Miliarde de calde felicitari!"

"Va rog sa ma considerati o voce din popor... Surprinzator, datele dumneavoastra imi confirma pe deplin o banuiala mai veche. Se pare ca propasirea neamului si a patriei noastre multimilenare e pe mainile oamenilor de bine. Totodata si in acelasi timp sunt mandru ca traiesc vremuri memorabile, de marete transformari revolutionare, alaturi de acesti oameni minunati care ne conduc destinele spre maretele culmi inabordabile si de neatins. Locul lor in istoria neamului e asigurat inca de pe acum alaturi de alti mari ctitori, conducatori revolutionari care au facut atat de mult bine acestui popor, care a indurat atatea si atata. Totusi imi lipseste ceva. Agricultura ai productiile la hectar. Cred ca ar trebui cercetate și aduse la cunostinta oamenilor muncii. Astfel elanul revolutionar ar atinge noi dimensiuni, iar avantul revolutionar s-ar invartosa profund. o voce din popor... PS. Sunteti diabolic de rafinati! :)"

"Si io frec menta! Problema e ca nu se vede: uleiul de menta e volatil!"

"cand nu mai poti de bine,freci menta,...cand i mai rau...o freci si mai tare!de-ar fi dupa mine(pacat ca nu e),as face mintrubbin'ul sport olimpic...pentru toti rubber-ii din lume! numai bine va doresc si la cat mai multa menta rubb-enita!!! (dan)"

"There is no greater threat to the future of our nation than the failure to educate our children, members and citizens about Mint Rubbing. Yet, the output for education continues to deteriorate, but hopes of this intolerable situation being resolved are arising through the monthly releases on your website. The current national outcry for standards of learning reflects the need for our educational and informational system to focus on Mint Rubbing.
It is my belief that in reading your website one will gain important and vital insight into the world of Mint Rubbing, therefore I, and, also on behalf of my colleagues and co-workers, commend to express our deepest appreciation for your works."

"jesus h. christ, I just wanna let you know, your page fuckin blew my mind, like, serious, maybe I had a few beers and a few bonghits beforehand, but your page, dude....."

We would also like to present some of the best messages posted on the RMRA forum:

"vreau sa ma inscriu,vreau newsletter,carnet de membru si toate alea. vreau sa aduc pace in lume si sa frec menta profesionist."

"nu m-am gandit ca e cineva atat de dedicat vechiului mestesug al frecarii mentei incat sa faca site..IT SO LIKE ROCKS!"

"Ati facut un site despre frecat menta. Beton. Ce nu inteleg .. ar trebui sa fie milioane de vizitatori .. miliarde chiar :) va trebuie mai multa publicitate :)"

"ass kicking, ball rocking, head banging do-nothing-ness; fain ba ficiori"

"something smell nice here"

"Mint rubbing, gas burning, blah, blah, OK, fine! But, aren't we a tad shallow in singing praises to mint rubbing only, notwithstanding its import on world affairs? How could we have forgotten the greatest Romanian contribution ever to the world civilization? The pillar of our collective weltanschauung... I am of course talking about IWSFGH, (pronounced "IWSFGH") which stands for Inspecting the Walls in Search for Frescoes of Green Horses... "

"imi irosesc timpul si viata pe site-ul asta de kkt. good work! "

"Mint rubbing is the most wonderful thing in evreyone's lives, but unfortunately people discover this after many years of usless work while some mint rubbing experts enjoy it throughout the life. In the end we end up mint rubbing it !"

"gosh... sick ppl here... but what can i say... i`ll rub all the way with u guys"

"Sa-l parafrazez pe Tetelu`: As vrea sa frec cate o frunzulitza de menta cu fiecare chinez!"

"Celor dependeti de frecatul mentei in stil hardcore, le recomand frecatul URZICII!"

"noaptea cand ajung acasa ma opresc direct la masa si tai frunza cu o coasa... "

"Cam faceti reclama proasta Romaniei...dar nu ca n-ar fi adevarat ce se vehiculeaza pe aici...geana"

" "what's the diffrence between ignorance and apathy?? Idon't know and i don't care!! i'm just a middle class mintrubber P.S. voi pe aici impartiti si carnete de membru?? muahahahah "

"mint rubbing is the fuck of the millenium. Nickos dixit! "

"Sapatamana asta am frecat menta la greu la serviciu. Partea nasoala a fost ca am ajuns acasa mai obosit decat daca as fi muncit pe bune."

"Oameni buni eu sunt un tip de 26 ani jumate tare ciudatel, nu le am cu munca, deci frec menta toata ziua sau mai bine zis frec menta pe internet. Nu am nevasta ca doar nu-s prost sa ma-nsor ca sa puna aia jugu pe mine, copiii sa-i ia dracu ca n-am nevoie sa-mi manince viata, servici n-am ca munca e ptr tractoare si se mira toti ca cica de ce frec menta, pai frec menta ptr ca e super de super sa te culci cind vrei, sa te scoli cind vrei, sa faci ce vrei, sa nu fii la cheremul unui patronel chelios si burtos. Tentative de lucru am avut dar era sa ajung la nebuni asa ca am renuntat, am plecat si in occident unde-mi sunt parintii, degeaba am fugit cind am vazut ca acolo ma astepta munca nu viata buna, asa ca pareri ceva ?"

"Since my opinion is very important to the mint rubbing community, I'm gonna say I am very proud to be part of it, really honored, I realize I've been part of it all my entire dull life and I am willing to know other mintrubbers like me, who enjoy their dull lazy life, doing nothing but mintrubbing, just occasionally cutting leaves for the dogs for a change. If someone interested, let's rub mint together...Mintrubista"

"RMRA - Thank YOU very much. I was so depressed today, but now, after visiting YOU, I started seeing the light emerging from the tunnel's end; life is so good! Thank you again, keep on rubbing that mint. The CanAdrian Happy Mint Rubbers "

"You, dude, broke me, may his mom die if I lie to ya! (as in "M-ai rupt, ba, sa moara ma-sa daca te mint!). Long Live RMRA and its members. This ancient custom never died and now is stronger than ever. Soon enough the EU will get a taste of this famous Romanian tradition. BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID! Bafto Delo! & Noroc Bun!"

"I'm from romania and "living la vida moca" is my motto"

"This MINT is provided as-is, without warranty of ANY KIND, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. The vendor shall NOT be held liable for ANY damage to you or to anyone or anything else, that may result from its use, or misuse. Basically, you RUBB it at YOUR OWN RISK. "

"Wa,cand am cautat site-ul pe google,sub denumirea site-ului era parerea mea despre viata de roman,n-am crezut ca o sa fiu vreodata publicat,mersi mult,si tot n-am sa muncesc o zi in viata mea ca sunt roman,baga-mi-as pula-n ea de viata!Hai Ceahlaul..........!!! "

"sunt intrigat ...desi frec menta nu am ce sa va spun."

"La necaz shi la durere, Freaca menta cu putere. Freac-o-ntins shi ne-ndurat, Cu temei shi apasat, Freac-o gingas, fin shi blând, Fluierând, ba chiar cântând. De-o freci bine, cum se spune, Întâmplase-va minune: Totzi românii-or sa se-adune Cu mânutza pe lopetzi, Încarca-v-or castraveti Shi cu muschii ca otzelul Vom culege mushetzelul. Mic extras din folclorul frecangiu cu stima chris din austria"

"Zen Master Dameyamaji no Bakayaro once asked a student, "How can a man hanging from the eaves of the Shogun's palace by his teeth, with a sword in one hand and an empty sake cask in the other, rub mint?" The student replied, "How the hell should I know?" Upon hearing this, Bakayaro knew that the student was truly enlightened, so he beat the student to death with a tea whisk."

"dude, if you had a more complexe site, it would be like the most awsum' site ever. how do i mean a more complexe site, it iz' like this, much more info about the mint stuff, can you smok'et?, can you eat'et, how do u rub it:P, 10q. a nw' commer from U.k."

"Let a thousand mint plants grow, let a thousand schools of mintrubbing contend. --Chairman Mao Zedong"

"Continue with the good work. It is nice to noice that in our times someone is tring to change somethin in our way of thinking. take care mint rubbing is an very old romanian tradition. For that reason if you compare the situation of Rmonaia in the XIX-en century with the actual one, you will see so many similaritys.Good luck, you will need it!Polish100"

"cool!!!, allmost everybody do that! what a day!!!! fu.K!!!! ciao"

"am analizat argumentele voastre si am ajuns o concluzie cat se paote de elocventa...si aceea ca intr-o realitate terifianta ati reusit sa eludati evidentul si sa elucuvrati o gandire de o elocventa cangrenoasa atat de netrebuincioasa propasirii speciei...DECI frecati menta ca e BINE...e specific noua si pot spune ca ne caracterizeaza... Tazuletz"

"Wow! How on earth did you stop the Turks from invading Europe with all this mint needing rubbing! History indeed owes you a debt of gratitude. We thank you."

"Nu mai e menta!!! Noi vrem menta!!! Frecatori din toata lumea de menta, uniti-va! Menta pentru toti! Traiasca frecusul, jos seful! "

"Sefa mea venea cateodata si-mi spunea: "ce faci ma? iara-si freci menta?" cand-olo ea era cea care futea buha toata ziua. Pacat ca nu mai lucreaza la noi - a fost dat afara - ca i-as arata pagina asta de altfel super!!! Tineti-o tot asa! Sylee"

"Proffesional mint rubber looking for employment. (more than 22 years experience in the field) Contact me in order to present my CV and Portofolio."

"Daca unii dintre parlamentarii nostri au fost in stare sa se gandeasca la taiatul cozilor de sape, sa nu se mai ... sprijine taranii in ele , atunci maine poimaine vor interzice cu desavarsire frecatul mentei !!! Dependentilor nu disperati ! Se va gasi si pentru voi niste frunza de taiat la caini !!! Cat despre cei care nu s-au apucat inca de frecat menta , nu-i timpul piedut !! Oricand se pot apuca de treaba (fiti linistiti ma refeream la frecat de sigur) !!!"

"Thank you mintrubbing.org. you changed my life with your complexe mint rubbing techniques! now instead of boring myself to death at work (scarbici in romanian) i can rub mint forever. thank you again. i'm proud to be an official mint rubber and a romanian. as a sugestion, you should develop new techniques for the other related activities. forever yours and a mint rubber Kenny"

"Mint I will rub, good it shall smell, yes? Use the mint... -Yoda"

"mint rubbing does seem to be the best way to go-congratulations on this outstanding find!"

"Doresc sa multumesc si pe aceasta cale colectivului RMRA, pentru deosebita abnegatie cu care a ctitorit aceste pagini. Pentru dumnealor, cit si pentru publicul cititor, toate cele bune, sarutari de miini doamnei, la multi ani si sanatate si indeplinirea tuturor dorintelor, atit la munca cit si la invatatura, pe toate planurile de activitate. Traiasca lupta pentru pace, prosperitate si progres, pe cele mai inalte culmi de civilizatie!"

"i joined the RMRA and it's changed my life !"

".....souveniri, souveniri, cine n-are amintiri....se cinta la minunatul "Tanase". Da, da, da, eu sint una din generatia care a inventat zicalele "frecam menta, taiem frunza la ciini si altele ca...."frecam tziparul", "munca iti da viata dar nici lenea nu a omorit pe nimeni" sau "munca este sanatate deci sa o dam bolnavilor"......Si cine spunea ca asta se adreseaza romanilor are dreptate caci savoarea zicalelor moare in traducere. OOPS! Summer hours, time to leave! have a great week-end everyone! "

"Dear Madams and Sirs: The Undersigned wishes to commend and Thank You for your 2002 Mint-Rubbing preparedness.You have acted with leadership and responsibility in placing Mint-Rubbing on our nations ( and others ) agenda, improving our lives and homeland security! I am particularly grateful for your understanding that updating the Mint-Rubbing Association page requires a sustained, multi-year effort. I am confident that you are setting the nation on a path towards enhanced capacity to protect our communities not only against boredom, but also against emerging public health threats of many types. Mint does a body good !!! We look forward to working with your Administration to support and enhance these proposals. Dragos R. - New York aug.02"

"in aceasta societate dominata de americanii care te invata ca oricine si orice are drepturi, un mintrubber, un wavecounter, un ....whatever ar pute fi o personalitate. de ce nu va faceti cunoscuti"

"ba fratilor ati gatat toata menta; mie nu mi-ati lasat asa ca ma apuc de treaba. "

"we have to turn all the people of this earth to the rubbing part of the mint!!! may the mint be with us all. love 3-leaves-of-mint kanobi"

"este menta de import mai ushor de frecat? shi daca da unde gasesc magazine de desfacere autorizate a mentei din import"

"Avand in vedere cantitatea de menta frecat produsa de noi.. eu propun deschiderea de magazine de prezentare unde sa putem arata intregii lumi ce calitate extraordinara are menta frecata de romani."

"Menta vrea sa fie frecata? Propun un referendum"

"Te omoara plictiseala? Fa ceva mai bun: freaca menta! www.mintrubing.org"

"Acest site imi incanta privirea cu articolele shi continutul sau. Este exact ceea ce lipsea multora dintre noi."

"Bah,îmi place site-ul la nebunie!!!Va felicit pentru initiativa voastra!!!Sunteti niste adevarati!!!Continuati sa frecati menta!!!E chiar o îndeletnicire placuta!!!Cauzeaza dependenta, din pacate, si e mai grav decat fumatul!!!E bine ca înca nu exista legi care sa condamne frecatu' mentei!!!"

"ATENTIE SOMERI!!!! Deschid fabrica de menta frecata. Nu angajam pensionari (au freacat-o deja destul)si copii(inca mai au o sansa)."

"m-am apucat de mic sa tot frec menta ...si acu` la 25 de ani e egxakt cum mi-am dorit sa fie .dulce si frumos mirositoare...sunt un tip perseverent si o sa continui pana la perfectiune(daca o voi gasi va anunt imediat) ilieursu"

"Frumos site... pacat ca tot ce se scrie e adevarat... Mi-a placut in special omagiul"

"May the MINT be with you!"

"Cool, i love you for this site..."

"Pai eu frec menta in fiecare zi...ma angajatzi?"

"Mint rubbing proves to be essential in a slow-moving society like ours. Complementaty activities like cutting leaves for dogs, burning the gas, pulling the cat's tale, loosing the summer, having sex with the owl - and so on - are also usefull if you're out of mint. Having in mind nothing but the best for our ever-growing community, I congratulate the man who stands behind this wonderful site. Mmmm... my hands smell nice. Long live the mint rubbing!"

"Mint rubbing saved me: without it I would have been a geek by now, but thanks to this delightful activity now I am accepted and respected in my highschool SM KEEP ON RUBBING!!!!!"

"Luke,use the MINT,mai tata...ca acolo se ascunde adevarata fortza!Danu"

"Mestecam pina crapam.Love ya guys.Congrats for the site."

"Stimati tovarasi,.. comentarii tendentioase referitoare la politica guvernului si statului roman,... formuland acuzatii si denigrari in legatura cu realizarile obtinute in construirea societatii multilateral dezvoltate in patria noastra, sant dovada unei decadente morale si politice a unor elemente rauvoitoare, din slujba unor servicii straine imperialiste. Tutulor celor care mai au incredere in poporul roman si patria mama, va urez in continuare; santate si multa putere de munca, Aurel."

"aaa ... frecam menta pe net! Ca munca il strica pe roman.. si aaaa v-am gasit! si .... hmmm e ... BETON!"

"fratilor,stiti care a fost primul stat aparut?.....Statu-n cur......da io am evoluat la Statu' degeaba...(frecat menta....) moroiu"

"bai...mi-a placut ideea asta cu frecatu' mentei...adica nu este o chestie noua, sunt din Romania, deci sunt "in tema"... dar ma bucur ca mai sunt si altii carora le place a frece menta!!! Pantera Roz"

"I realz would like to roub the mint with zou but I do not have the mint or the time to do it. I think that the ideea is great!"

"My soul was practically lost. I had taken the path of advanced Lucid Dreaming and was graduating towards Out-of-Body-Experiences (OBE), when SUDDENLY a menthol-green light illuminated my trance and all became camphor-clear. The pure truth of the mint-rubber's devotion to a higher order was made known to me. I hold you Romanian prophets as totally responsible. Your reward will be rubbing perpetually in paradise."

"aveti un site misto de tot!! sunteti idioti rau de tot!!! ba mai actualizati pagina si nu mai frecati atata menta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol"

"menta bine frecata zgaraie rau"

"the answer, my friends, is rubbing the mint"

"baga gros frateeee! cu 404 tot inainte! Save us. Mint Rubbers, you are our only F1!"

"oao frecatul de menta ii demential// merita orice"

"Propun infiintarea unui centru national de Mint Rubbing Studies in localitatea Frecatei"

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